How Much Does a Wedding Marquee Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

The cost of a wedding with reputable marquee hire companies can vary depending on a multitude of factors such as size, style, location, and additional features and services. Understanding the various elements that contribute to marquee hire prices can help couples make an informed decision and budget accordingly for their dream marquee wedding.

Understanding the Basics of Wedding Marquees

When planning a wedding, one of the essential elements to consider is the venue. For those seeking a personalised and flexible option, a wedding marquee provides a desirable choice. In this section, we will briefly discuss the basics of wedding marquees, including the various types available and their respective costs.

Wedding marquees come in various styles, each offering unique features and aesthetics to suit individual preferences. Some of the most popular options include traditional marquees, frame marquees, clear span marquees, stretch tents, pole marquees, tipis, yurts, circus tents, canopy marquees, and stretch marquees. These diverse options allow couples to choose the perfect marquee to match their wedding theme, style, and atmosphere.

Traditional marquees consist of a classic design, often made from canvas or PVC materials, and are supported by central poles and guy ropes. They are widely appreciated for their timeless appeal but may require additional support structures for large setups.

Frame marquees, on the other hand, utilize a rigid aluminium framework for support, without the need for bulky supporting poles. This design allows for a clear open space inside the marquee, which can be advantageous for various floor plan configurations.

Clear-span marquees or frame marquees are increasingly popular for their versatility and adaptability. These marquees eliminate the need for guy ropes and feature unobstructed interiors, providing couples with the ultimate freedom for customisation. Moreover, clear roofs allow for natural light, creating a unique atmosphere for the event.

Alternative marquee styles, such as stretch tents, pole marquees, yurts, tipis, and circus tents, lend a unique and memorable flair to any wedding celebration. These options provide a more informal and relaxed atmosphere, catering to unconventional wedding themes.

The cost of wedding marquees varies according to the chosen type, size, and customisation options. Couples can expect to spend an average of £3,100 on a wedding marquee. However, additional expenses such as flooring, lighting, and furniture are likely to increase this amount. It is important for couples to carefully consider these factors when budgeting for their marquee wedding.

In summary, wedding marquees offer a vast range of options for couples to personalise their special day. With various styles and customisation opportunities available, marquee weddings provide an enticing choice for those seeking a unique and flexible wedding venue experience.

Advantages of a Marquee Wedding

A marquee wedding offers numerous benefits that make it an appealing option for many couples planning their special day. One significant advantage is the flexibility it provides. With a wedding marquee, couples can choose the exact location and size of their venue, allowing them to create a bespoke and personalised setting to match their individual needs and preferences. From intimate garden weddings to large outdoor celebrations, a marquee wedding encourages customisation and creativity.

While indoor venues often come with restrictions, such as limited capacity and fixed layouts, a marquee wedding allows couples to create an entirely unique atmosphere by selecting the style, size, and location that best fits their vision. The outdoor nature of a marquee wedding is perfect for those who appreciate a connection to nature and the environment. Whether it’s a picturesque garden wedding or a larger marquee on sprawling countryside, a marquee wedding enables the couple to truly embrace the beauty of their outdoor surroundings.

In addition to the location, a marquee wedding permits further personalisation in terms of layout and room arrangement. Couples can freely decide on the shape of their seating plan, the positioning of their dance floor, and the placement of other essential elements, such as a bar or food service area. This flexibility allows for a tailored experience that suits their individual style and taste.

Key Components to Consider When Hiring a Marquee

When planning a marquee wedding, several factors influence the total cost. One chief factor is the marquee hire price, which can range from £150 to £5000+, depending on the size and additional features.

It is essential to consider the location of the marquee, as this can impact your overall expenses. For instance, hosting your wedding in a large plot you own may significantly reduce costs. However, remember that in the UK, you cannot legally get married in a marquee. Additionally, the time of year, such as spring and autumn, may also influence prices due to fluctuations in demand.

Next, consider the size and layout of the marquee, which must accommodate your guest count and desired activities, such as dining tables and a dance floor. Flooring options, such as carpet, matting, or wooden floors, should be carefully selected, as they impact both functionality and appearance. For instance, a stage and dance floor may require different flooring materials than dining areas.

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the ambience of your marquee wedding. Options like chandeliers, LED uplighters, and wall linings can illuminate the space and enhance the decoration. It is advisable to compare different lighting options to strike a balance between aesthetics and costs.

Heating should also be factored into the budget, especially if the event takes place during colder months. To manage heating costs and ensure your guests’ comfort, consider generator-powered heaters or other heating alternatives.

In terms of furniture, consider allocating a portion of your budget to items such as chairs, round tables, and dining tables. You can choose from various styles, materials, and price ranges that comfortably suit your guests’ needs.

Staff, including bar and wait staff, must also be factored into the marquee wedding budget. The number of bar staff required will depend on the scale of your event and your reception’s specifics.

Lastly, don’t forget to include insurance in your budget to cover any unexpected incidents or damages that may occur during the event. Many marquee hire companies recommend obtaining insurance to ensure peace of mind.

Marquee Venues and Their Restrictions

Marquee weddings offer a great deal of flexibility in terms of location hire cost and setup, but it’s essential to be aware of certain restrictions and requirements that may come with using marquee venues. In selecting the perfect location, couples should consider the availability of space, the need for permits, access to amenities, and any specific limitations imposed by the landowner or local regulations.

When choosing a wedding venue for a marquee reception, couples can explore options ranging from their own garden, private lands, or dedicated wedding venues. The rental costs for these locations can vary greatly, from £500 to over £10,000, depending on the exclusivity and amenities provided by the venue.

One important consideration is the need for permits and planning permissions. Depending on the location, certain restrictions may apply with regard to the use of the land, the size or style of the marquee, or the number of guests allowed. Couples should consult with their marquee provider and local authorities to ensure that they obtain all necessary permits for their event.

Organising a site visit with the marquee provider is crucial for evaluating the suitability of the chosen location. During the visit, determine whether there is adequate space to accommodate the marquee and guests, as well as discuss logistical factors such as access to parking, electricity, and water.

Costs of Hiring a Wedding Marquee

When planning a wedding, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the costs involved with hiring a marquee. Wedding marquees can be a budget-friendly option when compared to traditional venues, but the price can vary significantly. This section discusses the relevant factors that may affect marquee hire prices and presents a few cost estimates for different scenarios.

One key factor that influences the cost of hiring a marquee is the size required. The amount of space needed depends on the number of guests in attendance and the type of ceremony. For instance, a 6m Pagoda Marquee for 40 guests could cost around £400, while a 12m x 24m Clearspan Marquee for 150 guests may be priced at approx. £2000. In the UK, couples typically spend an average of £3000 on a wedding marquee.

It is also crucial to factor in the additional expenses that come with wedding marquees beyond the basic structure. This may include furnishings, lighting, flooring, and the associated labour costs. Many marquee companies offer packages with varying inclusions, allowing customers to choose based on their budget and requirements.

Marquee Catering Options and Considerations

When planning a marquee wedding, catering is a key aspect to consider. Choosing the right caterers and catering style for your event depends on your preferences and budget. It’s important to be aware of the various options and factors involved in marquee catering.

In a traditional marquee wedding, the catering tent or area is typically separate from the main marquee, ensuring food preparation and presentation doesn’t disturb guests. Caterers can either set up their own portable kitchen with the required ovens and equipment or use a food van, depending on their services and your preferences.

When selecting caterers for your event, consider the variety of catering styles available. Options range from traditional seated meals and buffet services to more casual choices like food trucks and live cooking stations. It’s essential to find a catering style that aligns with your wedding theme, taste, and budget.

Additionally, it’s important to assess the catering company’s experience working in a marquee environment. This can greatly affect the quality and smoothness of their service. Discuss the necessary equipment with your chosen caterer, including ovens, serving stations, and other essential items. They should be able to provide detailed information about their requirements for the catering area and how it should be set up.

Factors such as the number of guests and types of dietary needs are also important when considering your catering options. Ensure your chosen caterer has a varied menu that caters to different dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten-free options.

Additional Infrastructure and Services

When planning a marquee wedding, it’s important to consider the additional infrastructure and services required beyond the marquee itself. One of the key aspects to address is toilet facilities. Hiring toilets is essential, as many marquee wedding locations don’t have built-in facilities. Toilet hire costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand pounds, depending on the number of toilets required and the type you choose, such as luxury or basic models.

Another crucial element is power supply. Most marquees require electricity for lighting, sound systems, catering equipment, and potentially heating or cooling systems. In some instances, you may need to hire a generator to provide ample power for your wedding and keep everything running smoothly. Generators can be hired at various capacities and prices, again depending on the size of the event and specific power requirements.

Ensuring adequate power supply entails not only the rental of generators but also the cost of setting up electrical infrastructure such as cabling, distribution boxes, grounding, and lighting. It’s important to work with reputable suppliers and professionals when setting up your marquee wedding’s electricity to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Seasonal Considerations for Marquee Weddings

While planning a marquee wedding, it’s essential to take the different seasons into account, as each has its unique characteristics and requirements for outdoor weddings. U.K. weather can be unpredictable but being aware of the typical weather conditions during each season can help you prepare accordingly.

Summer Weddings

Summer is the peak season for weddings and offers more reliable weather. However, temperatures can sometimes become uncomfortable inside a marquee, especially if you have a large number of guests. To combat this, ensure adequate ventilation and consider installing fans or air conditioning units. Additionally, providing a shaded outdoor area for guests to relax will be greatly appreciated during hot summer wedding days.

Autumn Weddings

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and picturesque foliage, making it an attractive choice for many couples. It is essential to invest in proper heating and insulation for the marquee during this season to keep the guests comfortable throughout the event. Additionally, providing suitable flooring to combat potential dampness from wet autumn weather is crucial for an enjoyable marquee wedding.

Winter Weddings

Winter might be less popular for weddings, but it offers a unique and magical atmosphere when the marquee is decorated with fairy lights and seasonal accessories. As temperatures may drop significantly, proper heating is a must. You should prioritise double-skinned marquees that provide better insulation and energy efficiency. Make sure the walkways are well-lit, and consider hiring a cloakroom for guests’ coats to ensure their comfort.

Spring Weddings

Spring is known for its lovely blooms and milder temperatures, and it allows your wedding décor to reflect the beauty of the season. While the temperatures may be warmer than in winter, heating and insulation are still essential to ensure the marquee’s interior remains comfortable. Don’t ignore the possibility of spring showers, so providing suitable flooring, well-maintained walkways, and covered areas for outdoor activities is vital.

Wedding Marquee Entertainment Options

When it comes to wedding marquee entertainment options, the possibilities are vast and varied. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from a multitude of performances and event elements to make big day and your special day memorable.

One popular marquee entertainment option is hiring a DJ to provide the soundtrack for your celebration. A skilled DJ can not only play a wide variety of genres and songs tailored to your taste, but they can also interact with your guests, help set the mood, and even make announcements throughout the night. To take your party atmosphere to the next level, you can also consider adding lighting and effects, such as LED uplighting and even custom gobo light projections.

Aside from a DJ, you might prefer to have live music as part of your entertainment. Live bands can offer a unique and engaging experience for your guests, whether you choose a jazz quartet for a sophisticated ambience or a rock band for a high-energy dance party. Keep in mind that a stage may be needed for the performers, so be sure to factor this into your marquee space planning and budget.

A dance floor is another must-have element for your wedding marquee. The size and type of dance floor can vary based on your guest list and the theme of your event. Options include wooden parquet, checkered black-and-white, or even LED-illuminated floors for a truly dazzling experience. Don’t forget to provide ample space for guests to move around and dance comfortably.

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