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There are many people who have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little. Some may even have the date of their future wedding planned out years in advance, and some might be planning to use a company like Cars4Weddings for your wedding car hire. For some, this is the time when they will finally get what they wished for all those years ago- a beautiful white dress and tuxedo, family members gathered around them with smiles on their faces, an archway decorated with flowers where you can say your vows to each other surrounded by loved ones…but it’s not just about your appearance on that day or what car you arrive in- it’s about celebrating your love for one another with family and friends.

Selecting a wedding car is not an easy task. There are many considerations to make when you’re looking through the options available in your area. You should ask yourself some questions about what kind of experience you want to have on that day, and be sure to consider how much money you’ll need for the rental fee as well as any other costs associated with having or renting a vehicle for your special day. If you don’t know what type of car to rent, take a look at these five things you should think about before making your final decision.

Wedding Cars For Hire
Wedding Car Hire

Do you need one, two or three wedding cars?

The answer is that it depends on what the car will be used for. If the wedding ceremony and reception are being held at different locations, then you will want to have a car for each event. You may also want a second car if there are more than four people in your bridal party, or if any members of your family cannot walk without assistance. The number of guests attending will also affect how many vehicles you require; larger parties usually require additional transport options. It’s worth noting that these days, most couples opt for just one vehicle.

Once you have decided how many wedding cars are required, the next question is ‘How many wedding cars do I need?’ Again this is a case of your budget and what you want from your wedding transport. Some brides find that two wedding cars give them enough space to travel together with family

Cost - Consider budget limitations

A wedding car can be one of the most memorable aspects of your big day. But when it comes to picking a wedding car, there’s more to consider than just how pretty it is or how much fun you’ll have in it! You also need to think about the cost.

So before you settle on any specific model, make sure that what matters most – looks and memories – are affordable too! There are hundreds of wedding car companies in the UK alone, so it’s important to understand their wedding car types and wedding services before you visit or call any of them. You’ll find wedding cars for hire that range from luxury wedding cars to more affordable wedding limos, and even vintage wedding cars

Look and style of the wedding car - Does it complement your wedding theme or venue?

Cars are a symbol of love and happiness, so why not pick one that matches your theme? You don’t want to be driving in a car that clashes with the wedding’s colours or style. There are many great choices out there for you to choose from and many companies offering wedding car hire. Just make sure you do some research before making any commitments!

Type of Vehicle - Do you want a vintage wedding car, or something modern?

There are many things to consider when picking out a wedding car. One of the most important decisions is what type of vehicle will be best for your needs. There are four different types that people may want to consider for their wedding day and each has its own pros and cons.

1) Vintage Cars

Vintage wedding Cars are a great way to add some style and class to your day. But, while these vehicles can be an attractive choice, they do have their drawbacks. For one thing, you will need to find the right vintage vehicle for you.

There is no shortage of companies that offer classic weddings cars, but it’s important to research which company has the best reviews and reputation in your area before making a decision.

These wedding cars are often priced rather high, which can make them a challenge for some couples to afford.

Wedding Cars Herfordshire
Wedding Car

2) Classic Wedding Cars

Classic Wedding Cars offer a unique experience for your big day. What is it about these vehicles that make them so special? Rightly so classic wedding cars offer an extremely unique experience for your big day. Not only are these vehicles beautiful or classic but they also provide a service that can be enjoyed and examined by anyone present at the wedding reception.

The most popular classic car available is that of a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow or classic Bentley. These classic cars are a symbol of luxury in the classic car market and can be found to have been in the owners family for generations.

A more modern classic wedding car is that of the classic Jaguar XK8 which was produced from 1996 until 2003 making it recent but classic enough to be considered appropriate for those couples who don’t wish to have classic wedding cars of the older vintage.

Modern Wedding Cars:

Many people think that the wedding car is a tradition in every sense of the word. But with so many changes going on in society, it’s time to rethink these traditions and make them more personal for each couple.

If you’re looking for a modern luxury wedding car, then you should know that there is a lot of variety available today to choose from.

Modern wedding Cars are modern in the sense that they have more features than the traditional type of wedding car.

Although modern-day wedding cars may not be as expensive and lavish (no Rolls Royce or Bentley here), there is still an array of modern-day luxury vehicles like Aston Martin’s, Porches and a variety of supercars to tempt your budget.


Limousine Wedding Cars

Wedding cars are chosen by many factors, including what they look like; their cost; whether or not they can accommodate your guests comfortably. The limo has all these features, so it’s no wonder that this is the most popular wedding car choice

Limousines are a very practical choice for transportation, especially at your wedding where you’ll need to move people around efficiently to keep things running smoothly.

Limos are glamorized for a reason, and there’s no denying that they make your wedding look more stylish. The sleek lines of limousine add panache to the big day. The up-front cost of a Limo hire may be a major factor when you’re looking at limo services. While a Limo may not be a wedding car for everyone, they’re still more popular than other types of wedding cars.

Horse A Carriage

Not a car but we thought that it would be remiss not to include this final option. A horse and carriage was the traditional form of transportation for weddings back in Victorian times. It’s rare that you’ll see a bride and groom riding off into the sunset on a white horse! But still, there are some people who want to use horses as their wedding vehicle because they think it’s more romantic than anything else.


It’s your wedding day, you have spent hours choosing a beautiful wedding dress and now with the help of Cars4weddings, you have a beautiful car with professional chauffeur service and a selection of wedding vehicles for the rest of the wedding party.